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Four Seasons Structures & Canopies

You can make the most of your outdoor space by ensuring all year round use with the aptly named Four Seasons shade concept. Offering protection from the sun and rain, most of these retractable roof structures are designed to withstand wind forces up to 117km/h, which is ideal for our island.

Many of the standard products in our collection have clean lines and a modern look, however we are also able to offer bespoke designs for the discerned customer.

Four Seasons is an unobtrusive yet stylish way to get the best out of your outdoor area and in the case of restaurants can maximize capacity and help distinguish itself from the other establishments in the vicinity. The sides can be enclosed with various folding, sliding or fixed glass panels, thus functioning as a retractable winter garden. You may choose to opt for the motorised version that allows effortless and remote retraction and extension at your pleasure. The standard ceiling cover FS FLEXY, which is a three-layered PVC fabric with a UV-light filtering blackout-effect, is easy to clean and available in white, ivory and grey. 

An insulated ceiling cover with energy saving features is also an option. There is no doubt that you will enjoy the advantages that these products have to offer. Each project is tailor made to suit your needs, so contact us today for a site visit and quotation, we are one of the only suppliers worldwide that can offer a retractable roof structure covering an area of 130 sqm without any internal pillars! 


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