Quality office furnishing that provides stability but also versatility and design is an essential factor in today’s ever increasingly competitive and demanding professional environment. We are proud of our associations with leading office furniture manufacturers that are dedicated to providing the optimum solution for our client’s specific requirements; From shared work spaces for multiple users, to executive offices, board rooms, reception areas, together we can offer the most competitive solution for a number of commercial sectors including, hospitality, IT, healthcare, transportation, education, entertainment, and many more.


A wide range of office chairs models inspired by the principles of modern design and ergonomics. Products certified according to strict national and international regulations.

The luxury and executive seating collection combines classic shapes with design and modern technical solutions. The range goes from high-tech, ergonomic chairs to more traditional armchairs, but equipped with particulars and solutions that make them at the same time current ones. The use of leather, polished aluminum and chromed structures further enhances this range of armchairs by combining the metal with minimal, geometric and modern shapes. In addition, with the three different padding versions, the customer will have a wide choice of options to fully meet their needs.

Office chairs are the most used in the workplace, so we have developed an offer of wide, versatile, modern, ergonomic and high technical content items. All accompanied by the choice of high quality materials and components to last over time.


Collections of presidential and executive furniture with modern design, for representative and contemporary offices, able to express the elegance and personal style of the leadership.

Integrated systems and modular desks with different types of legs, all interchangeable, which give rise to a unique system, extremely flexible, simple and functional.


Creating space is no easy task, especially where you need to transform an open plan area into multiple working spaces each with different privacy and technical requirements.

At Link Projects we are pleased to offer a number of partitioning options that will suit both a busy shared work space, as well as the need for a series of private executive offices, boardrooms, video conference rooms, and much more. We have respected partners that can create the ideal space for you in a variety of materials including glass, melamine, architectural textile and more.