Versatile flooring is a must in every residential, commercial or leisure environment, providing maximum protection against the elements whilst also ensuring comfort and style. Our range of flooring solutions cater for today’s rigorous demands for quality at competitive prices

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Our laminate flooring is attractive, practical, low maintenance, hygienic & hard wearing. It can withstand impacts, wear & tear, light, chemical products & even cigarette burns that can also be installed over underfloor heating.

Our laminate may also be installed without the use of glue which means lower installation costs as a non-professional can install it without any trouble. We offer a wide selection of sheets and colours in various thicknesses (7mm, 8mm or 12mm)


Our Floover range offers an alternative to laminate flooring with the added opportunity to select a variety of finishes such as wood, country, ceramic, cement, metallic and leather. Floover flooring is unique in that each plank consists of 5 layers for added protection, comfort and practicality. The top layer is a resistant transparent PVC that gives a greater resistance and improves the texture of the flooring. The next layer, the Decor layer, offers each and every individual the opportunity to design the pattern of their dreams. The third layer is vinyl providing greater impact resistance and comfort. The fourth layer of HDF incorporates the click system perfecting the installation process and helps avoid mistakes in addition to maximum solidity and stability. The ultimate layer of cork gives excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.


Our engineered parquet is composed of top quality maritime plywood and top layers from the best European Oak which provides an excellent solution both in terms of quality, stability and performance. These products which are available finished with either gloss or “invisible” lacquer finish (Nano Technology) and with micro bevel on four sides, can be installed in various ways such as glued, nailed or even floating. The variety of wood finishes make these products an ideal solution for all types of installations.

The introduction of Nano Technology to our finishing process not only allows us to continue to offer a range of gloss levels, including an “invisible lacquer” finish but added to this our finish is twice as resistant to abrasion compared to a regular acrylic/urethane lacquer.

This means that our hardwood floors are much more scratch resistant than ever before and as such will maintain their appearance and lustre longer than ever before!

Available in various thicknesses from 10mm all the way to 19mm


Traditional wood flooring produced with the latest technology. These products, which are available finished or unfinished, with or without micro bevel, can be installed in various ways such as glued, nailed or even floating.

Available in different sizes and in a large variety of wood species.

We have been installing solid wood floors for 25 years and guarantee the very best workmanship.


Raised access flooring is ideal for work environments that require versatility and flexibility in the workspace set-up. Access flooring may be installed on any surface and at varying heights allowing for the passing of services beneath the top-floor finishing, whether laminate, rubber or carpet.

Access flooring may be raised enough to allow for individuals to crawl through where major services, including air-conditioning cabling may be required. It is also used to facilitate ventilation, cooling and improved acoustic isolation of workspaces by using the raised flooring as a plenum chamber.

Composite decking

Our composite decking allows you to create a fun and relaxing place due to its superior scratch, fade and stain resistance, ensuring you enjoy your outdoor space, hassle free.

The shield’s patented formula provides colour streaking and grain that brings you the warmth and beauty of wood without the high maintenance cost associated to it. It withstands high traffic without exhibiting the signs of wear as seen in conventional composite wood. Our shield encases all four sides to give absolute protection providing colour fastness against UV exposure and possible staining from external factors, such as wine, grease, etc. The interior layer is made from environmentally-safe material, such as recycled milk jugs, plastic bottles, and wood fibre. This highly dense core allows for greater strength and durability with the exterior reinforced by nanotechnology additive that fully binds to the core.

Solid decking

Decking, with its very natural effect, is ever more popular for both floors and wall coverings, and offers designers and furnishers outstanding solutions for indoors and outdoors walls, for an elegant finish in the most exclusive areas.

IPE planks come from Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia. We process the wood to offer a range of plank widths of varying thicknesses.